An Evening With Actresses Marion Ross & Diane Franklin…

This episode of The Five Count featured exclusive interviews with two Hollywood starlets. First we were joined by actress Marion Ross. Marion is best known for her role as “Marion Cunningham” on the TV show Happy Days. She’s also appeared on TV shows like Gilmore Girls, That ‘70s Show, King of the Hill, and SpongeBob SquarePants. During the show she discussed the longevity of Happy Days, being the voice of SpongeBob’s grandma, growing up in Minnesota, and her new book “My Days: Happy and Otherwise.” Get your copy today!

Next we were joined by actress Diane Franklin. Diane is best known for her role as “Monique” in the film Better Off Dead and “Patricia Montelli” in the film Amityville II: The Possesion. She’s also appeared in films like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Last American Virgin, and TerrorVision. During the show she discussed playing more dramatic roles later in her career, the possibility of appearing in a third installment of Bill & Ted, and her new film The Amityville Murders. Get your copy today!

During the rest of the show we discussed our favorite movie sequels, shared embarrassing stories of Ton’s propensity for peeing his pants at the movie theater, and Ton gushed over Dustin’s recent foray in classic rock radio. We went deep at the top!