An Evening With Miami Connection’s Angelo Jannotti & Kathee Collier…

This edition of The Five Count featured exclusive interviews with two of Miami’s biggest heroes. First we were joined by Angelo Jannotti. Angelo is best known for his role as “Tom” in the classic film Miami Connection. In addition to being the singer and guitarist in the band Dragon Sound, he’s also a member of the band Skin Deep. During the show he discussed his memories of working on the film, the process of writing the music for Dragon Sound, and the future of his band Skin Deep. We are now friends for eternity!

Next we were joined by Kathee Collier. Kathee is best known for her role as “Jane” in the classic film Miami Connection. She’s also a singer for the band Dragon Sound. During the show she discussed her memories of working on the film, her reaction when Miami Connection was reintroduced to the world, and her daughter’s music career. Hear Kathee’s daughter, Emily Lucas, at!

During the rest of the show we discussed out favorite one-hit wonders, Ton explained why he started incorporating dental bibs into his regular wardrobe, and we explained our spotty Taekwando records. There’s a good chance we wouldn’t fare well against the ninja!