The Five Count’s Eight-Year Anniversary – An Evening With Krokus’ Marc Storace & #sexjail Live…

This installment of The Five Count was a special two-hour celebration of our eight-year anniversary. The first hour of the show featured an exclusive interview with Marc Storace, singer of the band Krokus. Krokus is best known for their hits Screaming in the Night, Midnight Maniac, and Headhunter. He discussed how he got his start, explained why he didn’t leave Krokus to join AC/DC, and told us Krokus is back and better than ever. We believe him!

The second hour of the anniversary show featured a live, in-studio performance by the band #sexjail. Dressed in sequined robes and sandals with socks, #sexjail blasted their way through a blistering set of all your favorites, comprised mostly of DMX covers. They also penned some heart-wrenching love ballads for Ton. No less than 30 gallons of Kwikade were consumed. Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate!

Download #sexjail Live on The Five Count 2012