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Full-Contact Courting…

During this edition of The Five Count we discussed the advantages of full-contact courting, the approaching Friendship Day holiday, and the mystery of Ton’s recent bout of Dutch Elm disease. It was radio at its finest!

The Five Count’s Vacation…

We spent this edition of The Five Count talking about how we spent our vacation. Birk spent it eating Spam in Austin. Ton spent it rescuing wimps from burning buildings. Dustin spent it alone, watching Ghostbusters. Birk followed up that discussion by bashing Prince. The rest of the show fell apart from there!


The Mystery Of The Missing Meat…

Someone or something stole the general manager’s meat from the station fridge before this installment of the show. The Five Count teamed up with The Dirty Birds to solve the mystery. We left no stone or caller one unturned. Unfortunately, the mystery of Gully’s missing meat continues. Make sure your meat is secure!


The Five Count Plays Truth Or Dare…

This edition of The Five Count featured a rousing game of truth or dare with The Dirty Birds, a discussion about the effects of gravity on the digestive systems of canaries, and fire safety. A lot of ground was covered and a lot of love was felt!


God Bless America…

This was our special “Tribute to America” edition of the show. All the music was dedicated to our great country. We discussed our love for this great nation and gave thanks to the great men and women who sacrificed their lives to make this country great. Ton also shared some tips on how to make bombs out of sparklers. It’s always something with that guy!

R.I.P. Michael Jackson…

This edition of The Five Count was dedicated to the music of Michael Jackson. We shared stories about how MJ influenced our lives, including how he planted the seed for the inception of The Mothership Connection show that Ton used to co-host. It was beautiful. R.I.P. MJ!

The Five Count Heads To The Malibu Sands…

Just when you thought it was safe to tune back into great radio, The Five Count is back! For this show, we wasted no time in continuing the brutal onslaught of the dead horse we’ve been beating for years. We discussed our adventures at the Malibu Sands Beach Resort, slayed some audio dragons, and Ton (not his normal self due to a cold medicine overdose) coughed on the mic a lot. He may be joining the dead horse before too long!


The Five Count’s Five-Year Anniversary…

This was the special “Five Years of Five Count” anniversary show. We played our favorite clips from past shows, reminisced about the good ol’ days with the Brotherhood of Ton, and made new memories that will last a lifetime. We also premiered the brand new song Five Years of Five Count (Help Me Out, Lube Me Up) by The Five Count House Band. Thanks for helping us make it five years!

Dustin Wilmes & Juston “Ton” Cline

Video by Kevin White

An Evening With Jon Mikl Thor (Dead Horse Rewind)

This episode of The Five Count is from Feb. 2, 2008. It featured a special interview with Jon Mikl Thor and his guitar player Steve Price. Thor is a former Mr. USA body builder, creator of the “muscle rock” musical genre, and writer, producer, and star of the cult film Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare. During the show we discussed the early days of muscle rock, how easily Thor could handle Danzig in the octagon, Steve Price’s tendency to play until he bleeds, and what it was like on the set of Rock N’ Roll Nightmare. Check out the show, Ol’ Scratch!

Another Evening With Bill Moseley (Dead Horse Rewind)

This episode of The Five Count is from Feb. 11, 2006. It was our second interview with actor and musician Bill Moseley. Bill is best known as “Chop Top” from the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, as “Otis” from Rob Zombie’s films House Of 1,000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects, or from his band, Cornbugs, with guitarist Buckethead. Bill talked about the Cornbugs, working with guitarist Buckethead, working with Rob Zombie, and planned a trip to Minnesota to go canoeing in the near future. Check it out, you dog dick!