Dead Horse Rewind

Halloween With The Human Taco (Dead Horse Rewind)

Halloween is fast approaching, so the brain trust at The Five Count headquarters decided to open the audio vaults and pull out another blast from the past. This episode of The Five Count is from Oct. 28, 2006. It was a special Halloween edition of the show filled with lots of Halloween music and lots of spooky Halloween tales. During the show we received calls from Count Dracula, a human taco from outer space, a woman filled with road rage, Franken-Mummy-Stein-Wolf Man, a group of obese kids who really liked Darkwing Duck, and a rap battle amongst callers. Dustin spent the show dressed as a gay Hulkamaniac. Relive the magic!


The Pemberton Wrecking Crew (Dead Horse Rewind)

We’ve opened up the audio vaults again to bring you another moldy oldie. This episode of The Five Count is from July 21, 2007. We started off the show by discussing how much Dustin looks like Christian Bale. Eventually we were interrupted by threatening calls from The Pemberton Wrecking Crew. Luckily, we parted on good terms. We also gave away the ending of the new Harry Potter book. Get nostalgic!


The Five Count’s Three-Year Anniversary (Dead Horse Rewind)

Still in a daze from The Five Count’s recent anniversary show? We have just the cure! We’re opening up the audio vaults to bring you another blast from the past. This episode of the show is from June 16, 2007. It was the three-year anniversary of The Five Count and the show lasted three hours. All sorts of “regulars” and “semi-regulars” showed up to help us celebrate. We also had a blistering 90-minute set from The Five Count House Band. They aren’t the best, but they mean well. Thanks again for your continued support. Boogie down!


The Five Count House Band

Easter Origins (Dead Horse Rewind)

The Easter season is upon us and The Five Count plans on celebrating in style. To help you get ready for the fun, we’ve decided to take another trip to the audio vault to pull out an old gem worthy of being seated at the right hand of The Father. This episode of The Five Count is from Apr. 7, 2007. During the show we explained the origins of Easter, the reason we have Easter eggs, and basically just praised His name all around. Ton was wearing pastel-colored tights!


Cupid’s Arrow (Dead Horse Rewind)

St. Valentine’s Day is right around around the corner. Of course, it comes as no surprise that the most romantic show in Southern Minnesota will be celebrating accordingly this Saturday. To get you “warmed up” for the big day, The Five Count is offering up a mushy masterpiece from the audio vaults. This episode of The Five Count is from Feb. 9, 2008. During this special Valentine’s Day edition of the show we spent time discussing the various ways in which to bag ladies, something we are experts on. We also tried to help callers work up the nerve to profess their love to that special someone. Ironically, they all chose to profess their love for us instead. Get in the mood!


Spreading Holiday Cheer (Dead Horse Rewind)

Christmas is in the air and The Five Count has decided to open up the audio vault to help get you in the Christmas spirit. This episode of The Five Count is from Dec. 20, 2008. It was the first week in a two week series of “A Five Count Christmas” shows. While not busy spreading holiday cheer, we discussed the true meaning of Christmas and starting our own clothing line. Ton also helped shed some holiday guidance to Southern Minnesota.


Dustin Wilmes tries to spread holiday cheer throughout Southern Minnesota.


Juston “Ton” Cline just tries to “spread” Southern Minnesota.

The Five Count Live From Japan (Dead Horse Rewind)

It’s pledge drive time again at KMSU. To help convince you to empty your purses, The Five Count has opened the audio vaults again to dig up an oldie, but a goodie. This episode of The Five Count is from Oct. 18, 2008. It was broadcast live from a dojo in Okinawa, Japan. We went on location in order to bring in “big bucks” for the pledge drive. During the show we discussed the the run-in we had with a Yokozuna earlier in the day, the various feats of strength we performed while we toured with the Christian Power Team, and our decision to embark on a rap career as “The New Fat Boys.” We had a lot on our plates, no pun intended.

The Five Count & Bill Cosby Say No To Drugs (Dead Horse Rewind)

Now that school is back in session, we here at The Five Count feel it’s our duty to open up the audio vaults and unearth a special episode of the show for all you impressionable youth. This episode of The Five Count is from Jan. 10, 2009. With help from Bill Cosby, Mr. T, and Arsenio Hall, we discussed the dangers of drug use and abuse that face the youth of today. The show was a change from the usual fun and games approach we usually take on The Five Count. Secrets were revealed, questions were answered, tears were shed, and lives were changed. Relive the drug-free fun!

The Five Count’s Two-Year Anniversary (Dead Horse Rewind)

We’re opening up The Five Count vaults once again to help you get ready for this Saturday’s anniversary celebration. This episode of the show is from June 10, 2006. It was the two-year anniversary of The Five Count. It was also an unnecessary amount of The Five Count, clocking in at over five hours. When not making sophomoric jokes and reminiscing about the last two years, The Five Count House Band (backed up by the Five Countettes) ripped through all your old favorites while playing live in the studio!

Dustin Wilmes

Juston “Ton” Cline

Mother’s Day With The Five Count (Dead Horse Rewind)

Mother’s Day is comin’ up fast, so we’ve opened up The Five Count vaults again to help you celebrate. This episode of The Five Count is from May 9, 2009. It was a special Mother’s Day edition of the show and was dedicated to mothers everywhere. Most of the show was spent listening to Ton volunteer to be Southern Minnesota’s new dad. Listen with your mom!