The Five Count’s Four-Year Anniversary (Dead Horse Rewind)

Another anniversary show has come and gone. Were you sad to see it go? Dry those eyes, because The Five Count audio vaults have been opened again to dust-off some moldy oldies. This episode of the show was from June 14, 2008. It was the special four-year anniversary edition of the show. It was hard to believe The Five Count had been around for four years at that point. In fact, it was so hard to believe that it took us by surprise and caused us to do an unprofessional show. The show was more than two hours long and featured an unrehearsed, train-wrecking performance from The Five Count House Band. When the band wasn’t busy tearing it up, we took a few calls from some well-wishers and talked in great detail about Ton’s beard. He looked like ZZ Top. Relive the magic!