Jon Bermuda Schwartz

An Evening With The “Weird Al” Yankovic Band’s Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz…

This episode of The Five Count featured an exclusive interview with Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz. Bermuda is best known as the longtime drummer for the “Weird Al” Yankovic band. He has played on every “Weird Al” Yankovic album dating back to 1983. During the show he discussed the last 40 years playing with Al, what the dynamic is in the recording studio, and his new book “Black & White & Weird All Over: The Lost Photographs of “Weird Al” Yankovic ’83 – ’86.” Get your copies now!

During the rest of the show we discussed our favorite autumn drinks, reminisced about the days of driving in circles all night looking for trouble, and paid tribute to Eddie Van Halen. Ton admitted he prefers the “Sammy Hagar Era” Van Halen!