The Five Count’s 11th Annual Princemas Celebration – An Evening With Prince & The New Power Generation’s Michael B….

This was The Five Count’s 11th Annual Princemas Celebration, featuring an exclusive interview with Michael B. Michael is best known as the former drummer for Prince & The New Power Generation. He worked on albums like Diamonds & Pearls, The Gold Experience, 3121, and many more. During the show he discussed how he started working with Prince, what he learned about music and life during his tenure with The NPG, and his current gig as drummer for Soul Asylum. Merry Princemas!

During the rest of the show we played our favorite New Power Generation jams, explained where we were when we found out Prince had died, and Ton made it known he wants to be turned into a diamond after he dies. Dustin will pay tribute to him by inserting “Diamond Ton” into his snaggletooth!

An Evening With Singer Anita Ward And The Wonder Years’ Danica McKellar…

This episode of The Five Count featured two exclusive interviews with two entertainment veterans. First we were joined by singer Anita Ward. Anita is best known for hits like Ring My Bell and Can’t Nobody Love Me Like You Do. She was also nomination for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance at the 1980 Grammy Awards. During the show she discussed the success of Ring My Bell, the possibility of recording new music, and her upcoming appearance on The Ultimate Disco Cruise. It sets sail in 2020!

Next we were joined by actress Danica McKellar. Danica is best known for her role as “Winnie Cooper” on the TV show The Wonder Years. She’s also appeared on TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The West Wing, and has published several books about math. During the show she discussed how she started writing math books, her memories of making the film Camp Cucamonga, and working with Dolly Parton on her new film Christmas At Dollywood. Check it out on The Hallmark Channel!

During the rest of the show we discussed the new Prince box set, the changes to the cheese chilitos at Zanz over the years, which holidays Ernest P. Worrell needs to save, and Ton’s numerous appearances on The People’s Court. He once got into a fight with Rusty the Bailiff!

A Chat With Sheila E….

The Five Count had another chance to speak with the one and only Sheila E. Sheila is a percussionist, singer, author, and actress best known for her work with Prince. She’s also appeared in films like Krush Groove, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, and Sign ‘o’ the Times. Her new single No Line, featuring Snoop Dogg, is available now!

The Five Count’s 15-Year Anniversary – Live With MOLS…

This episode of The Five Count was our 15-year anniversary celebration! During the show we picked up our bats and continued to beat our dead horse into dust. We also received numerous phone calls from well-wishers, commemorated the 30th anniversary of Prince’s Batman soundtrack, and were treated to an in-studio performance by Mankato’s newest music sensation, MOLS! See MOLS at a rock ‘n’ roll venue near you!

The Five Count’s 10th Annual Princemas Celebration – An Evening With Vanity 6’s Brenda Bennett…

This installment of The Five Count was our 10th annual Princemas celebration! It featured an exclusive interview with musician Brenda Bennett. Brenda is best known as a member of the groups Vanity 6 and Apollonia 6. She also appeared in the film Purple Rain. During the show she discussed her early years in music, her years working with Prince, and what prompted her decision to start making music again. Merry Princemas!

During the rest of the show we discussed other radio holidays we could celebrate in addition to Princemas, Ton explained the damage that Chappelle’s Show has done to the careers of Prince and Rick James, and we tried to figure out why some men wear kilts year-round. It seems you need to posses chicken legs to pull it off!

The Five Count At The Library…

During this edition of The Five Count we discussed our favorite albums of 2018, discussed the health benefits of Bob Seger, and spoke with “Smash!: Green Day, The Offspring, Bad Religion, NOFX and the ‘90s Punk Explosion” author Ian Winwood, “Prince: Before the Rain” author Allen Beaulieu, and “Nashville Sound: An Illustrated Timeline” author Don Cusic. Who knew we were so well-read?

A Radio Show By The Men Who Played Prince…

This installment of The Five Count featured a celebration of what would’ve been Prince’s 60th birthday! During the show we proclaimed our disgust for the state of Iowa, discussed our favorite food shelf memories, commemorated the 40th anniversary of Prince’s debut album, and interviewed Prince’s first manager Owen Husney. He’s the author of the new book “Famous People Who’ve Met Me: A Memoir By the Man Who Discovered Prince.” The show was most certainly soft and wet!

The Five Count Gets A Grip…

During this episode of The Five Count we celebrated the 25-year anniversary of Aerosmith‘s Get a Grip album, defended Aerosmith’s honor against numerous naysayer listeners, gave our thoughts on the recent concert involving real musicians backing a video of Prince, Ton regaled us with tales of his various great-radio groupie conquests, and we raked-in numerous donations to the KMSU Pledge Drive. Music was the weapon!

An Evening With Dr. Demento…

This installment of The Five Count featured an exclusive interview with legendary radio personality Dr. Demento. A member of the Comedy Music Hall of Fame and National Radio Hall of Fame, Dr. Demento has been the host of The Dr. Demento Show since 1970. He was also instrumental in helping start the career of “Weird Al” Yankovic. We were also joined by John Cafiero, the producer of Dr. Demento’s new album Dr. Demento Covered In Punk. During the show they discussed the new album, the state of “novelty music” today, and hosting The Dr. Demento Show for nearly 50 years. Get the new album now!

During the rest of the show we argued over the proper way to eat corn dogs, Ton explained his acute fear of singer Lorde, and we discussed the possibility of a Prince hologram performing at the Super Bowl. It was 10 percent toilet humor and 90 percent novelty music!

The Five Count’s Ninth Annual Princemas Celebration – An Evening With fDELUXE-The Family’s St. Paul Peterson…

This edition of The Five Count was our ninth-annual Princemas celebration! The show featured an exclusive interview with St. Paul Peterson. Paul is best known as a former member the Prince-assembled bands The Time and The Family. In addition to playing with the likes of The Steve Miller Band, Kenny Loggins, and Peter Frampton, he currently plays with his new band fDELUXE. During the show he discussed being involved in the early days of the Minneapolis Sound, his decision to part ways with Prince, and his upcoming fDELUXE shows at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis. See them live on Jan. 31!

During the rest of the show we discussed the origins of Princemas, spoke with Mike the Aussie about his love of INXS, and devised a plan to fill Ton’s casket with Coca-Cola and Mentos. Merry Princemas!