Gentle Giants Rescue

An Evening With Batman’s Burt Ward…

This installment of The Five Count featured an exclusive interview with actor Burt Ward. Burt as best known for his role as “Robin” on the TV show Batman. He also appeared in films like Virgin High, Karate Raider, Robot Ninja, and High School U.S.A. During the show he discussed the ongoing popularity of the Batman TV show, his memories of recording music with Frank Zappa, and the details of his company Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions. His new Gentle Giants Dog Food is available now!

During the rest of the show we received a call from “Benny” from the film Total Recall, Dustin explained why gluten-free baked goods are awful, and we discussed the origins the term “redonkulous” and why people should never use it. Of course, Ton says it all the time.