Heaven Bent For Leather…

This was another beloved Easter edition of The Five Count. During the show we shared our favorite bible stories, discussed the origins of anchovies on pizza, received a call from “Granny” from the Looney Tunes cartoons, and gave away tickets to see Judas Priest at The Armory in Minneapolis on April 2. Happy Easter, gentle listeners!

When There’s No More Room In Heaven (Dead Horse Rewind)

It’s been a while, so we’ve decided to head to The Five Count Vault for another Dead Horse Rewind! This show is from April 11, 2009 and was a special Easter edition of The Five Count. We played inspirational music and praised the name of Ton, who many people believe is the real son of God. The Arbitron spikes used to nail Ton to the cross were pulled out and used to make great radio. Ton-men!

A Chat With Growing Pains’ Kirk Cameron…

The Five Count recently had a chance to speak with actor Kirk Cameron. Kirk is best known for his role as “Mike Seaver” on the TV show Growing Pains. He’s also appeared in films like Fireproof, Like Father Like Son, and the Left Behind series. Check out his theater event Revive Us 2 on Oct. 24 and again on Nov. 1 at the Movies 8 in Mankato, MN.