Robbie Rist

An Evening With Butterbean & The Brady Bunch’s Robbie Rist…

We had two more exclusive interviews with celebrity guests for this special Father’s Day edition of The Five Count! First we were joined by the one and only Butterbean. Butterbean is a five-time World Toughman Heavyweight Champion and held the IBA Super-Heavyweight title and the WAA Heavyweight title. He also competed at WWE’s Wrestlemania XV. During the show he chatted about his career in the ring, why he’s proud to be an American, and announced an open challenge to Mike Tyson. Let us know if you accept, Mike!

Next we were joined on the show by actor Robbie Rist. Robbie is best known for his role as “Cousin Oliver” on the TV show The Brady Bunch. He also appeared in the film Iron Eagle and provided the voice of “Michelangelo” for all three of the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films. During the show he discussed what it was like on the set of The Brady Bunch, being known as “Cousin Oliver” after so many years, and why he’s so popular is Spain. Then we pissed him off by asking about his sex life!